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      Visual acuity; contrast sensitivity; visual function; visual therapy [1]
      Visual acuity; preferential looking; teller; cardiff; lea; hotv; logmar; pediatrics [1]
      Visual acuity; reference values; vision; preschool [1]
      Visual acuity; snellen chart; reliability; coefficient of correlation and concordance of lin; logmar [1]
      Visual acuity; spatial frequency; preferential looking test [1]
      Visual acuity; stereopsis; color vision; refractive errors; corneal curvature. [1]
      Visual agnosia; visual cortex; lateral geniculate nucleus; ganglion cells; visual perception [1]
      Visual and ocular morbidity; prevalence; ocular and visual disorders. [1]
      Visual angle; visual acuity; minimum angle of resolution (mar); receptive field; contour interaction; retinal stimulus; radial stimulus; photoreceptor mosaic [1]
      Visual discomfort; relation accommodation- convergence; phorias; diplopia; refraction; visual training; graphic analysis [1]
      Visual evoked potential; amplitude; latency [1]
      Visual field; field-metric defects; exploration methods; scotomas; depressions; contractions [1]
      Visual hallucinations; charles bonnet syndrome; deafferentation; low vision [1]
      Visual morbidity; ocular morbidity; colombia; records. [1]
      Visual perception, visual perceptual skills, learning, visual perceptual learning [1]
      Visual training; fusional convergences; near point of convergence; visual discomfort [1]
      Visual-motor integration; visual perceptual abilities; students [1]
      Wavefront aberrations; higher-order ocular aberrations; lower-order ocular aberrations [1]
      Wavefront; corneal aberrations; zernike polynomials; hartmann-shack sensor; adaptive optics. [1]
      Wavefront; wavefront aberration; zernike polynomials [1]